10 Reasons to Attend Tech Guru’s 10th Anniversary Party

By Dan Moshe

Tech Guru is throwing a party.  On August 12, clients, vendors, and their friends are invited to celebrate 10 years of Caring IT in Minneapolis.  RSVP for you and a guest – the festivities are taking place rain or shine!  

Need a good reason to enjoy a happy hour?  Here are ten.


#10 – Awesome food

Juicy, mouth-watering Dickey’s Barbecue Pit will be there to taunt your taste buds.

#9 – Free beer

Craft beer on tap and eclectic beer flights are what make 612 Brew the best place for beer in Minneapolis.  As Tech Guru’s way of saying thanks, the first pint’s on us.

#8 – Reconnect with Friends

You could probably name half a dozen friends you’ve meant to call this summer.  This is the perfect occasion to meet up.

#7 – There’s a Patio

Patios are awesome for drinking beer.  Well, for a few months out of the year, anyway.

#6 – You Can Call it “Business Development” and Not Be Lying

With the variety of clients Tech Guru serves, you’re bound to connect with someone you’ll want to get to know better.  Don’t leave your business cards at home.

#5 – Your Take-Away

Take home a 10th Anniversary commemorative pint glass!

#4 – You Only Turn 10 Once

The next time we anticipate having an anniversary party is… not immediately.  Whoop it up.

#3 – Because, Summer

Say it with me: “I will not have any regrets this November.”  When you’re shut-in again this winter, you’ll have a toasty summer memory to warm you.

#2 – Music

Tunes.  We’ll have ’em.

#1 – It’s Not a Party Without You

Tech Guru’s clients and vendors are the most interesting, engaging, and innovative folks around.  With you there, we’ll all be assured of a good time.


Have we convinced you?  RSVP now.