Introducing Google Photos

Here’s something new that seems so simple but is really revolutionary. Automatically upload all your photos to the cloud with the new Google Photos App. It’s a management system that works on all devices and stores everything on the web, so you save memory on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Here are three ways you can make use of Google Photos.

1. Google Photos goes beyond storing them in the cloud

No matter what happens to your electronics, your photos are safe and secure. But Google Photos is way more than just a backup system. It can automatically create slideshows, videos, and photo collages, and selects music based on your preferences. The Photo Assistant can walk you through making movies, photo stories, animation, and collages through a tutorial, and you can also upload videos onto Youtube and view anything on Google Drive.

2. Google Photos makes it easy to share photos faster and with more people

You can share your photos with anyone, not just other people who use Google Photos. You can share them with Nana while she’s scrapbooking in the living room. You can show them on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, and invite family and friends to see them on their devices. It can also import photos from your memory cards and cameras, not just what you take with your smartphone.

3. Google Photos has highly intelligent search capabilities

Along with being totally free, what makes Google Photos so advanced is that it has extremely accurate search capabilities. It analyzes photos and sorts them using recognition software. It can even track people as they age and identify different terrain such as mountains, beaches, and city skylines. This way it can lump photos not just by date, but also by where they were taken.

Sounds like technology is getting pretty smart, right? We at Tech Guru think it’s just super convenient. We think you’ll appreciate all the time this new Google upgrade will save you. Now what to do with all those hours you and Nana won’t be scrapbooking…