The 5 Building Blocks of the Tech Guru Internship Program

By Dan Moshe

Yes, Tech Guru’s expertise is managed IT services in Minneapolis.  But there’s another part of the Caring IT company that has grown stronger over time: the internship program.  While some companies view their temporary help as know-nothings meant for menial tasks, Tech Guru rolls out the red carpet for its brilliant, top-notch interns.  As it turns out, a world-class internship can be found in Northeast Minneapolis!

Dan Moshe, founder and CEO of Tech Guru, sees internship and mentorship as two sides of the same coin.  “It is so important to help the next generation.  Others did this for me, and now it’s my turn to pay it forward,” he says.  Dan exposes each intern to fifteen weeks of business savvy in the following categories.

1. Experiential Learning

“People learn by doing,” says Dan.  Interns are assigned projects and receive guidance every week to assist in the project’s completion.  During these meetings, mentees can ask questions, work through issues, and find ways to get un-stuck.

2. Coaching

Interns are shown how to beef up various aspects of their professional persona during weekly meetings with Dan or Chief Operating Officer Micah Thor.  During the course of the program interns will experience improving their resume, LinkedIn profile, budgeting, business finance, taking a professional business photo, and more.

3. Shadowing Experiences

Mentees are welcome to attend any number of meetings that take place in a typical day at Tech Guru.  They are invited to ask questions and engage in discussions with bankers, lawyers, vendors, marketing people, and others.

4. Guest Speakers

Tech Guru goes the extra mile to introduce interns to people at all levels of business.  Dan’s mentees have the opportunity to acquire a well-rounded view of the paths available to them through consultants, comptrollers, and sales managers, to name a few.

5. Good Manners

Tech Guru treats its interns right.  Interns will get a lesson in etiquette during dinner at a fancy restaurant.  It’s not just about the napkin or the fork – Dan wants his interns to learn about the nuances of a business meal.

What’s in It for the Mentor?

“We have a lot of clients, and we’re busy,” says Dan.  “It’s nice to have an additional smart person in the room to help.”  Not to mention, talented interns make great potential hiring candidates down the road.

Tech Guru is very selective with its mentees, typically finding candidates from the Carlson School of Management or Step Up, a program for high school students.  Dan says his interns meet high standards in several categories:

  1. They’re great written and oral communicators.
  2. They’re persistent and don’t give up when the going gets tough – matching one of the Tech Guru’s core values.
  3. They’re caring and seek to make a positive impact with whatever they’re doing.
  4. They’re accountable by showing up on time and doing what they say they’ll do.

You have a lot to teach someone on their way up.  Why not create a truly worthwhile internship program for the students passing through your organization?  With a little foresight and consideration, your company can be a meaningful stop on one student’s life journey.

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!