5 Reasons to Love Hubspot All-in-One Marketing

Tech Guru may be the most trusted name in Minneapolis IT support, but the company had to experiment a bit before finding the best and most efficient way to spread its message.  Since CEO Dan Moshe signed up with Hubspot all-in-one marketing software, traffic to his company’s website has increased by over 80%.   See if your company could “create marketing people love” with superstar software from Hubspot.

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1. Hubspot is the only marketing software you need

Hubspot’s philosophy is that email marketing should be one place to publish content on several platforms.  While you currently might use WordPress for blogging, Mail Chimp for email marketing, and various social media sites, Hubspot allows you to login and manage everything in one spot.

2. Hubspot provides latest and greatest marketing training

Hubspot probably pays for itself in the ample training it provides business owners through Hubspot Academy.  Users can watch webinars on topics such as content marketing, keyword use, and email list management to maximize their opportunities to increase website traffic and generate leads.  Dan Moshe finds the training especially useful because these are skills you don’t learn in school and the marketing landscape is rapidly changing all the time.

3. Hubspot gives you your time back

Hubspot’s training and tools focus on turning businesses’ leads into customers.  Even the basic edition of Hubspot will free up more time for members of your sales and marketing team to do just that.  For busy business owners without a team, Hubspot software streamlines the marketing process and enables them to be better, faster, and seeing more results than ever, while still allowing them to focus on the needs of their business.

4. Hubspot offers top-notch support

Dan Moshe is continuously surprised at the quality of help he receives with Hubspot.  “Considering how rapidly Hubspot is growing, they’re doing a great job with customer support,” he days.  Hubspot has raised the bar for companies of this type, and it’s apparent that they care about their users.  Hubspot understands that to retain customers they have to get them to implement the services Hubspot offers.

5. Hubspot’s analytics are off the charts

Charts, graphs, and real time data are all part of the Hubspot packages at every level.  Dan Moshe is able to see, at a glance, if what he’s doing is making a difference.  Numerous statistics are measured and comparing page data is easy.

Hubspot gets its users to “make love, not spam” by allowing them to stop worrying about coordination of marketing and focus more on content and results.  As fellow Masters of Streamlining, if Tech Guru can help you smooth out your tech services we hope you’ll contact us soon.

Still want to know more about Hubspot?  Check out their introductory video.

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!