5 signs you need CRM software


Customer relationships are at the core of each of our businesses.  Having access to your customer information in a user-friendly software system is essential for growing businesses. Automate your sales  processes, target your marketing campaigns and provide personalized customer service all in one place with an updated CRM.

Here at Tech Guru, we are loving our CRM, Nutshell.  In a nutshell (see what we did there), we can instantly see our sales goals and quotas, active leads, what step in the sales process pending leads are  currently at and which customers we need to follow-up with that day.  All team members are consistently using the same automated processes and producing streamlined communication and efficiency.

Does this find you wondering if your company should take a look at implementing or updating CRM software?   Yes, if:

  1. You don’t have systematic notifications that remind you to check in with clients
  2. Your current sales process lacks follow-up and customers are falling through the cracks
  3. You have too many active deals to effectively track
  4. You don’t know what your close rate is or what’s in your pipeline at any given time
  5. Your information sharing system with your sales team is email. Or talking in the hallway.

Tech Guru is working with companies every day to help them implement customized CRM software.  We would love to help your business grow!