5 Ways TINYpulse Boosts Employee Engagement

Customer satisfaction is a foremost concern for us at Tech Guru, but until now there hasn’t been an objective system to gauge employee satisfaction. Here are five ways we’ve found TINYpulse helps us gauge the undercurrent of our company and helps us create a positive culture.

1. Cheers and high fives motivate the team

Give someone a virtual high five or a pat on the back when they’ve done a good job and deserve recognition. It makes people happy to know that their work is appreciated by fellow team members. The positive energy helps build a cohesive team that works well together and has fun together.

2. Weekly one-question surveys are convenient and automated

Find out what employees really think about different areas of the company, employer practices, and the work environment. This function is a great way to dig up what’s under people’s skin and get a sense of the vibe in the office.

3. Virtual suggestion box is an anonymous way to give feedback

This is a less intimidating way for more employees to give their input. Everyone can share what they’re thinking, and the anonymous option is a great incentive to bring ideas to light without fear of judgment. At Tech Guru, we’ve even had suggestions to repaint the walls and form a kickball team.

4. Share our wins with the world using The Wall of Wins (WoW) –

Here’s a way for employees to publicly post winning statements, praises, and suggestions for everyone in the company to see. It’s also great for including everyone in conversation and gauging the thoughts of every team member.  Plus, we love the benchmarking feature which compares our results with those of other TINYpulse users.

5. Easy to get up and running

TINYpulse is quick and painless to get started. We just put in the email addresses of our team, and TINYPulse takes it from there. We’ll login every so often to check out our results and see how we’re doing. Management reviews the feedback regularly, and we put items on our list of issues to discuss and take action.

We believe that corporate culture should be created and managed instead of letting it happen on its own. When culture and vision come together in an adaptable environment, companies can do incredible things. Better work environments also attract and retain great employees.