We ask clients to have key stakeholders complete our Initial Consultation Questionnaire prior to the initial consultation.  During the meeting, we go beneath the surface and get in-sync with your vision and mission as well as core values.  By the end of the meeting, you’re getting actionable ideas that can help unshackle you from your IT headaches.

Road Map

During the Road Map phase, we present the ways that we can help your vision of the future become a reality utilizing proven technolgies and methodologies.


A process with brief weekly check-in calls, the Implementation phase is how we get set up for complete success in serving your organization.  Our goal is to be minimally invasive with the least amount of disruption while implementing our services.

Quarterly & Annual Reviews

We run a structured business first–technology second meeting with key stakeholders on a quarterly basis to keep technology aligned with business vision & direction.  Each quarterly review has a theme that we focus on and we proactively bring new technology recommendations to you.

During the Annual Review, we look out three years and provide budget guidance as well as all cover all Quarterly Review agenda items.

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