The 8 Apps You Need To Download In 2018

As we all know by now, “There’s an app for that.” In today’s smartphone-centered world, you can find an application for just about anything your heart desires. To help you conquer 2018 head-on and make your days hyper-efficient, we asked our Gurus what some of their favorite apps were. Check out the list below. 


A deceptively simple and well-organized podcast app. 

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A super-powered calendar app with natural-language recognition for creating events.  

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An online bank and banking app.  

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A secure bitcoin wallet, because you should never store your coins in an exchange.  

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A “sadistic” alarm app. This will make you prove you’re awake by taking a picture of an object (e.g. a box of cereal, your bathroom sink, etc) or by doing complex math problems.  

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Life Cycle 

Tracks your time automatically and displays a pie chart showing your day-to-day activities. It’ll show you how much time you’re spending at home vs work, the length of your commute, who you spend the most time with, etc.   

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An easy way to send websites, photos, and other items between your own phone, tablet, and/or PC.  

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Send “stupid gifs” to your smart friends and vice versa.  

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We hope these apps help make 2018 your best year yet.  Or at least, your gif-iest one. 

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