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On-prem servers require additional temperature-controlled office space, maintenance, and compliance checks. They’re also more susceptible to data loss because all…


How Outsourced IT Can Help Your Accounting Firm Grow 

June 27, 2022

Accounting firms and CPAs are tax and finance experts. Few comprehend the complexities of an IT infrastructure and what it takes to have a tech stack capable of managing the many facets of running an accounting practice.   There are roughly 46,000 accounting firms in America, and the 500th largest firm only has 20 employees. Small to…

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The Tax Software Checklist: Does Your Accounting Software Check All the Boxes?

June 22, 2022

Investing in the right technology is critical for accountants for several reasons. They need accounting software that checks all of the boxes, including data protection, ease of use, and scalability. These are just a few essentials on the tax software checklist.   With a tax software market valuation of $33.6 billion expected by 2030, it is obvious there…

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Microsoft 365 – Four Features Accountants Should Be Using

June 10, 2022

As the digital transformation drives companies to move most operations into cloud computing, the transition continues to be a challenge for many professionals. Those within the accounting industry are particularly struggling with adopting newer technology.  The good news is that Microsoft 365 (M365) – formerly Office 365 – has many advanced features that specifically help accounting…

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Types of Cyberattacks & How Your Firm Can Prevent Them 

May 25, 2022

Data security is vital for accounting firms because of the sensitive data that they manage every single day. The most common cyberattacks require prevention methods that mitigate these data breaches.  It can take more than half a year for a company to detect a data breach, and it can take even longer to restore data security. The…

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10 Powerful Software Tools for Managing Remote Employees 

May 19, 2022

Effectively managing remote employees requires intuitive software that promotes productivity, simplifies workflows, and enhances collaboration among every team member.  More than half (55%) of companies employ remote workers. Those within the accounting sector need industry-specific remote employee management tools.  Here we share programs that we highly recommend for accounting firms that manage a remote workforce. There are…

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The Importance of Digital Transformation for Today’s Accounting Firms

May 12, 2022

A digital transformation – the strategic adoption of digital technologies – for accounting firms does more than simply automate processes. It enhances data collection, improves workflows, and enables strategic decision-making.  Digital transformation is the future of accounting. It is a vital step that today’s accounting firms must take to remain compliant, profitable, and successful. There are…

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