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Tech Guru Core Value #2: We Collaborate

April 9, 2013

At Tech Guru, our core values aren’t just business buzzwords; they truly guide what we do each and every day. So we’re walking through our core values — how each evolved and what it means for you, our valued clients. This week we’re taking a look at our second core value, “We Collaborate.” Tech Guru Core…

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5 Reasons to Love Hubspot All-in-One Marketing

March 28, 2013

Tech Guru may be the most trusted name in Minneapolis IT support, but the company had to experiment a bit before finding the best and most efficient way to spread its message.  Since CEO Dan Moshe signed up with Hubspot all-in-one marketing software, traffic to his company’s website has increased by over 80%.   See if…

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Quote Roller: Create Proposals in a Flash

March 26, 2013

The words “efficiency” and “ease” are music to every small business owner’s ears. Tech Guru CEO Dan Moshe is no exception. So when a client shared how much value he was getting out of an online platform that can create, send, track and manage sales proposals, Dan didn’t think twice about giving it a try. …

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Empty Trash: Cleaning Up with Minneapolis IT Support

March 21, 2013

Your company’s growth may be exceeding your expectations, but if your technology is still powered by a dinosaur pedaling a bicycle you might soon face a computer gasping its last breath.  As anyone who works with a computer can attest, uncooperative servers and computers can bring business to a screeching halt.  See what happened when…

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Tech Guru Core Value #1: We Care

March 19, 2013

Technology Services Rooted in Values What sets Tech Guru apart from other technology providers? It’s simple: We care as much about your success as you do. In fact, “We Care” is the first of Tech Guru’s core values. Tech Guru Core Values We Care We Collaborate We Persist We Are Accountable Throughout the next few weeks,…

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Tech Guru Seeks Candidates for 2013 Business & IT Internship Program

March 18, 2013

Tech Guru proudly announces its 2013 internship program for high-motivated young people interested in gaining experience in a fast-paced technology services company.   Why an Internship Program? Tech Guru seeks to provide a young person with the opportunity to gain hands-on business experience and mentoring in a fast-paced small business environment. About Tech Guru Tech…

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