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The accountant-client relationship is a vital one for both individuals and large corporations. Having strong relationships with their clients is…


The Making of Tech Guru – Back in the Day

October 26, 2012

I was 14.  I had my first tech job.  And I had Dan Ogan to thank.  I was only in middle school, and Dan changed my life forever.  Knowing I was stuck with an old, slow computer at home, he let me use his modern one.  Every day I was a fixture in his classroom,…

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Easier, Breezier Tech Guru Service

October 26, 2012

Tech Guru’s Client Portal is more than just a place to request service.  Sure, using the Portal offers the shortest amount of time from request to resolution, but it’s also a place to add info and screen shots to a request, review the status of open service requests, view service history, and re-open a closed…

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