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How CPA Firms can use to Streamline Workflows and Increase Team Communication and Collaboration

January 13, 2021

With team members working in a more fluid work environment in and out of the office, keeping track of where everything is at and who is doing what becomes increasingly critical-and difficult. The old system of piles and folders simply won’t cut it anymore.  There’s a new breed of collaboration platform available for firms to increase collaboration and automate…

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SharePoint: Why Your Firm Should Make the Switch

September 28, 2020

Out with your file server and in with SharePoint If your firm is currently using a file server, one can easily assume that it has been a cause of headaches in the past or is an even bigger headache currently. Old file servers are bulky, inefficient, and they require continuous maintenance. Luckily, the replacement for your file server is already at your fingertips, assuming that your firm has an active Microsoft 365 subscription.   Included…

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Add Consulting Revenue Now: Five New Services Your Firm Can Offer to Your Clients

July 23, 2020

I’m speaking 100% from experience as a tech-savvy, finance-loving, small business owner. I’ve owned the finance role in my company since the beginning, and I love it. I love it because I get to try out new technologies and automate our back office. I’m going to share some of my experiences with you in hopes that you’ll be inspired to at…

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Desktop video studio with a Canon EOS Camera

How to Look and Sound Stunning on Zoom

July 10, 2020

Looking Great on your Zoom Meetings is Easier than You Might Think If you are finding yourself spending the majority of your time on Zoom calls with your team and clients and are underwhelmed with the quality of your video, then consider upgrading your setup! You can just get a nicer webcam, or you can…

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people working together

2020 Tech Guru Technology Makeover

July 7, 2020

Tech Guru has helped numerous non-profit organizations overhaul their technology, get out of their old, legacy hardware and software and move to the latest in cloud technology leveraging all available donation programs. And we’re doing it again. We’re looking for a US-based, finance-oriented non-profit organization helping individuals or small businesses achieve greatness. We will be…

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Identifying, Prioritizing & Deciding on Technology Priorities for your Firm

June 5, 2020

With the Seemingly Never-ending Busy Season Now in the Rearview Mirror, it’s Time to Take Stock and Make a Plan  Throughout the busy season, you’ve been focused on getting work out the door and taking care of clients. You’ve inevitably discovered inefficiencies, roadblocks, opportunities, inconsistencies, bottlenecks, and hassles, but haven’t had the time or energy to address them and instead…

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