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Accounting firms and CPAs are tax and finance experts. Few comprehend the complexities of an IT infrastructure and what it…

Online Meeting

Securing Your Zoom Meetings

April 9, 2020

Zoom is the de facto standard in online meetings and is a powerful collaboration tool enabling you can meet effortlessly with your colleagues face to face in HD quality video and share screens with ease. Setting up a meeting takes one click. Zoom is being used in a much broader array of scenarios now and…

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Team Huddle

How to have an Awesome Daily Virtual Huddle with Your Team

March 30, 2020

Miss seeing your team face to face? Have a huddle! Here are some facilitation tips for an awesome and worthwhile virtual huddle with your team.  This is a great habit to get into now that you can’t see everyone face to face at the office.  The purpose of the huddle is to start the day…

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Virtual Team

Five Strategies to Make Remote Working Work for you and Your Team

March 27, 2020

Here’s how we’re making the most of this remote working opportunity.  In many ways, this exciting frontier has helped us be more productive and communicate better than before!  Use a team messaging app like Slack or Microsoft Teams Email is an amazing tool but isn’t great for everything – especially quick questions and group conversations. …

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Home office security

Remote Working: Securing Your Home Office Technology

March 24, 2020

Any time a major change occurs in your business, sending everyone to work from home, for example, it’s a time to consider and evaluate security.  Working from home presents some unique security challenges that must be addressed to keep your data secure.  Don’t be an easy target.  Together, we can help put hackers out of…

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laptop wi-fi speed

Tech Guru’s Top Five Tips to Speed up your Wi-Fi Now that You’re Working from Home

March 23, 2020

Zoom calls lagging?  Pages loading slowly?  Wheels spinning?  Your five-year-old wireless router might not be up to the task of handling today’s bandwidth hungry apps especially when you and the entire family are at home all using the internet!  These five tips will help increase your wireless speeds so you can work more efficiently and…

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COVID-19 Work from home

Five Steps to Ensure Your Tech is Ready for Remote Working

March 12, 2020

How to ensure your tech is up to the task of long term remote working in the age of coronavirus. With social distancing now a thing, working remotely is an effective way to help keep your team safe and healthy.  By keeping team members out of the office, its less likely they can transmit the…

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