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How to Raise Your Rates Without Client Pushback

It’s never easy to broach the topic of raising your rates with a client.  While getting to know CPA Steve Zelinsky a little better, Tech Guru learned he’d increased his fees since improving his IT.  The surprising part?  He didn’t get a single complaint from clients.  Read on to learn how this Minnesota accountant increased his profits.

Meet Steve

Steve Zelinsky is a CPA with over ten years of experience serving a variety of clients in Minnesota.  Since starting his own St. Louis Park practice in 2009, his technology had been a do-it-yourself operation.

As cybersecurity threats have increased, Steve wanted to have someone look at his technology to make sure he was doing what he should be to protect his clients’ data.  Steve notes, “A single [cybersecurity] breach probably will lose you 15 to 20 percent of your customers. Plus the fact that it’s going to cost you a good 10,000 dollars in regulatory review, fines and things.”

Meet Tech Guru

Steve first became aware of Tech Guru through an MNCPA webinar he attended on the topic of Mobile Device Security (available online).  In it, Tech Guru CEO Daniel Moshe mentioned the company would be exhibiting at MNCPA Tax Conference.  Steve spoke with Dan and Tech Guru president Micah Thor when he attended the conference, and they made a plan to help Steve get secured.

About Those Rates

What kind of voodoo did Steve have up his sleeve to convince clients a rate increase was due?  It was simple, actually.  “I told clients that I invested heavily in new cybersecurity and software, and updating equipment, and that was the justification for my price increase this year,” says Steve.  “Even though I’ve increased my expenses, I’m hoping to recoup it quick quickly. And so far, I haven’t gotten any pushback on that.”

Talk about mutually beneficial!  Steve’s clients get the care their sensitive data requires, and Steve gets to increase his profits.  Increased security is just one of the ways Tech Guru’s IT support makes CPAs better equipped to do what they do so well!

Want to learn more about Steve? Read the full interview here.


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