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Productivity Optimized Alongside Existing Systems

The attorneys at de Beer & Associates, P.A. were eager to find permanent solutions to syncing and Internet issues. Put simply, a server reconfiguration and Internet access upgrade did the trick.


  • Band Aid solutions from technology service provider
  • Slow application & internet performance
  • Mobile devices did not synchronize


Tech Guru Delivers on Promises

  • De Beer’s virtual CIO, Dan Moshe, offered a vision of the future and a plan to get there.
  • The operations team delivered consistently on the plan and achieved every milestone that was established. This plan included refreshing several computers, upgrading Internet access, and replacing cobbled together gear with commercial grade equipment.
  • The end result is an enhanced focus on the business and clients instead of technology.

Server Optimization Improves App Performance

  • The existing server was reconfigured to more efficiently run business applications.
  • No new equipment was required to achieve the desired results.
  • Ongoing system monitoring ensures that the server continues to run at peak performance

Cloud Hosted Exchange Enables Mobile Productivity

  • The firm still had several Blackberries but the current server could not synchronize mail, calendar, or contacts with those devices.
  • Tech Guru migrated de Beer to Cloud Hosted Exchange with a Blackberry option.
  • Now attorneys can stay on top of their schedule and have their Blackberry backed-up at

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