Why Now is the Time to Consider Employee Engagement Software for Your Firm

As the way we work continues to evolve, so do the ways that we drive engagement with our team members. Team engagement has never been more relevant than today when many of us are working from home and staff shortages are a constant concern.

According to Gartner Research, 80 percent of senior-level business leaders have recognized the relevance of employee engagement to their respective goals and objectives. Furthermore, a recent article by Harvard Business Review found that organizations with a high level of engagement report 22% higher productivity and 25% lower turnover.

So, how can accounting firms stay on track with their goals and maintain an engaged team? For firms small and large, employee engagement software might be a perfect solution, and it’s a small investment with significant potential upside.

What is Employee Engagement Software?

At its core, employee engagement software is a tool for enhancing employees’ productivity, collaboration, growth, happiness in the workplace, and overall career success. Employee engagement software helps busy leaders manage and support their teams with more intention by helping them build career paths, strengthen employee feedback loops, and gauge employee satisfaction.

The right software can help automate and simplify these processes, provide reminders, and integrate with existing systems all while providing actionable steps that management can use to create a better and more engaged workforce.

Why Employee Engagement Software?

Lower turnover rates

Ultimately, teams who embrace employee engagement software tools can expect to experience higher productivity, lower employee turnover, more employee referrals, a better reputation in the labor marketplace, easier and faster recruiting, fewer legal problems, and a healthier workplace. Using employee engagement software will pay for itself many times over in the first year if it’s used well. One example of employee engagement software is Lattice.

With Lattice, employees can understand the impact of their roles on the organization. Lattice allows you to map out each team members’ growth areas – helping them understand how they can advance in their role. As a consequence, this provides a scope of where they are going, and it motivates them to improve in these areas in hopes of promotion down the road. In addition, Lattice allows firms to track quarterly goals so that employees can consistently update their progress every week.

Gives Employees a Voice

Team member engagement software such as Lattice or Eloops allows companies to send out weekly pulse surveys for employees to express how they’re feeling every week. Through these surveys, employees can express their opinions anonymously on how they feel about work, and what improvement ideas they may have to make it a better work experience. Managers can review this feedback in bulk to identify trends and make improvements accordingly. Sometimes minor tweaks to the workplace can have a big impact. An added benefit is that employees feel that their concerns are being heard and acted upon which creates a greater sense of belonging, purpose, and appreciation. Many of these weekly pulse-type surveys are also anonymous, so managers can receive feedback that they otherwise might not receive through other sources.

Increased Employee Engagement

Candidly, remote work can be draining when there is less social interaction. Using tools such as Eloops can help employees stay engaged throughout the workday. Eloops allows employees to play games together, take quizzes about employees, win rewards for completing tasks that they can redeem for company swag, and more.
Eloops can be integrated with Microsoft Teams for added functionality and it’s also a great tool for celebrating company anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.

Confirmation You Are Heading in the Right Direction

Unlike so many aspects of business where the results of changes can be hard to measure, employee engagement software typically provides helpful dashboards which show trends over time. In one place, managers can see the status of the goals of their team members, employee happiness, and attainment of career objectives.

Invest in Your Team

At Tech Guru, we use employee engagement software to keep a pulse on our entire team – it helps us improve employee wellbeing, stay on track of our goals, and so much more. Our use of this software has helped us make our transition to remote/hybrid working much more manageable. Whether you have a five-person team or 500, employee engagement software can make a big difference and make it easier to be a great manager.

We’d love to share our experiences with employee engagement software with you and discuss how it can help you build your ideal firm. We invite you to book a quick intro call to learn more.

In closing, you can’t build a great firm without great people and if you’re looking for a way to help your team operate at peak performance, a quick demo or trial of an employee engagement tool might be worth your while. You just might see more positive Glassdoor reviews and find it easier to attract and retain top talent.