Empty Trash: Cleaning Up with Minneapolis IT Support

Your company’s growth may be exceeding your expectations, but if your technology is still powered by a dinosaur pedaling a bicycle you might soon face a computer gasping its last breath.  As anyone who works with a computer can attest, uncooperative servers and computers can bring business to a screeching halt.  See what happened when one of Tech Guru’s newest clients, Huber Commercial Services, was in search of a total technology upgrade that wouldn’t break the bank.

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Goodbye, Dinosaur

Dan Huber, owner of Huber Commercial Services, struggled with the next step to resolve his company’s technology issues before meeting with Tech Guru CEO Dan Moshe.  His server was over 5 years old, he was told by other IT people that his ACT database was going to “kick over,” and he was still using Quickbooks 2006.  He was unclear about what the options were for Huber.  Should they go to the cloud?  Buy new servers?  Or a hybrid of the two?  One consultant had told Dan that to upgrade and receive training on a new ACT database alone would cost nearly $20,000.

With the company’s accounting software, Dan Huber was told they’d have to start over with QuickBooks and re-enter all their data from January 2013.  Micah Thor, VP of Operations at Tech Guru, convinced Dan to let Tech Guru take a look at their problems before spending thousands of dollars on an upgrade.  Sure enough, Micah was able to recover their database, and Dan trusted Micah to take care of everything else.

At Micah’s suggestion, Huber Commercial Services has made the switch to Highrise instead of ACT, saving the money it would have otherwise spent on ACT consulting, licensing, and training.  One of the immediate perks is Dan’s ability to market to clients easily via email.

Employee Growth

Huber Commercial Services has been keeping things clean in the Twin Cities for quite some time.  They service mainly small- to medium-sized office buildings, and have been around for 23 years.  Dan Huber has a number of longtime employees, including Dan “Danno” Offaelli.  Danno, an immigrant from Nigeria, has been an employee since 1994, and now cleans about 20 buildings with his staff.  Dan Huber remembers when Danno’s nieces were small, and now sees how proud Danno is of the college graduates – one from medical school.

The Ghosts in the Office

If you’ve never given much thought to how your office building looks clean day after day, you’re not alone.  “People just want it to happen,” Dan Huber says.  “We’ve got great vacuums, and the best people,” but clients only care that their building is clean when they walk in – not how it got clean.  Of course, clients do also have to consider matters of security and trust.  Dan’s employees are carefully drug-screened, interviewed, and background-checked.

So, how is it that your trash bin is magically empty when you walk in every morning?  On a typical night, the cleaning crew gets a route with 3 or 4 buildings.  In the early evening the crew starts on the first building and locks the doors on the last one anywhere between midnight and 2 a.m.  If you were to clean a medium-sized building, for example, you would unset the alarms, turn the lights on, then dust and dump the trash.  As you do that, you’re keeping your eyes peeled for other things that are dirty, turning on lights and unlocking doors, assessing as you go.  Next up is vacuuming as you shut and lock doors behind you.  Last is “wet work,” also known as cleaning the bathroom, lunchroom, and entryway, before you leave.

Huber Commercial Services expertly and quietly takes care of their clients’ cleaning and maintenance needs, offering peace of mind and a job well done.  Tech Guru loves to take care of its clients in a similar way – working tirelessly, around the clock, to ensure that its clients’ technology is functioning when they come in to the office.  Is your office in need of a technology cleanup?  Contact Dan Moshe and see what Tech Guru can do for your company.

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!