EyeWest Sees the Light with Tech Guru’s Support

It wasn’t their fault.  But before Tech Guru came aboard there was no end in sight to technology problems.

“We were experiencing ‘random acts of computer violence,’” explains Dr. Leah Colby, owner of EyeWest Vision Clinic and Optical.  “Not only did they affect the efficiency of our patient care, it significantly impacted our bottom line with unexpected computer expenses.”

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Founded in 2002 and with two Twin Cities Metro locations, EyeWest Vision Clinic and Optical distinguishes itself from its competitors with its caring staff who love working with their clients.  EyeWest considers themselves the Cheers of eye care by getting to know their clients on a first-name basis.  EyeWest selected Tech Guru to address recurring technology difficulties and found in Tech Guru a technology company that cares as much as they do.

The problems experienced at EyeWest’s two office locations were debilitating.  Systems were crashing regularly and Dr. Colby feared they could lead to security issues.  EyeWest had outgrown its previous tech support provider, and with their computer problems mounting they were ready to make a change.

Tech Guru assessed the situation and implemented one solution immediately.  A hot-spare computer was loaded and is ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.  Should EyeWest experience computer problems in the future, the failed PC can be serviced in a timely manner but business and clients would not be impacted.

Next, Tech Guru recommended and executed a seamless Google Apps migration to streamline communication between EyeWest’s two offices.  One benefit of this change is improved mobility, thanks to calendar, mail, and contacts synchronization between smartphone and tablet.  Also, real-time communication between offices was provided with integrated chat. “It’s great to be giving our customers seamless service again – whether it be on the office, on the phone, or online,” says Dr. Colby.  “Our offices are connected, and we’re more efficient than ever.”

With the offices up and running again, Tech Guru was able to talk with Dr. Colby about how she could get back in control of her technology investments and infrastructure.  Foresight was provided to help her plan for the future of her business, and to help her view technology as a competitive advantage rather than a hindrance to EyeWest’s success.

Adds Dr. Colby, “As a business that prides itself on putting a smile on the face of every customer, we couldn’t be happier to get back to smooth computer operations around here.  We haven’t had any major glitches since Tech Guru addressed our technology issues, and we know they’ve got us covered if any issues come up.”  Technology problems solved?  Now that’s a sight to see.

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!