For the Record: Sumiko Audio

Sumiko Audio’s precise phono cartridges have allowed people to feel the groove for years. When the privately owned company was sold to The Fine Sounds Group, Tech Guru was there to make sure no beat was tripped over. Three years later, the companies continue to enjoy a graceful relationship.

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Joyful Noise

Sumiko Audio, a Berkeley, California-based company, designs, manufactures, and distributes their own brand of phono cartridges – the key piece that allows sound to travel from vinyl to speakers. In addition, they act as distributor for other credible names like Sonus Faber and Pro-Ject. Their high-end products appear all over The United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

The Sumiko Brand works collectively within The Fine Sounds Group, providing consumers with the ultimate listening experience. They are a band of audio visionaries, including Tech Guru client Audio Research, committed to using technological research and market trends to bring undisturbed true sound to the masses.

In the beginning, Sumiko was a solo act: a small partner-owned company. Once it was operating under a corporation, they had to be open to an increased amount of input to keep daily operations and creative visions moving forward.

Where Analog and Tech Meet

For Sarah Rountree, whose job it is to talk to dealers in The United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, efficient communication is key. When Sumiko was acquired by Fine Sounds, “walking across the hall for an answer” was no longer an option. It was a “huge transition,” says Sarah Rountree, who works as Credit and Collections Manager, IT Liaison, and Sales and Dealer Support. Suddenly, there were more channels to go through and a need for updated equipment to make communications run smoothly. “They were using ‘Goldmine Email’.  It was a really awful program.”

In waltzed the help of Tech Guru, who brought Sumiko only into The Modern Era, but “technologically advanced,” according to Rountree. Everyone on site received new computers, many with dual monitors that hasten progress.  The 24-hour remote IT assistance provided by Tech Guru eliminated the nailbiting stress associated with waiting for a specialist to come in to first diagnose, then finally fix the problem. This not only helped office morale, but also allowed the staff at Sumiko to focus its energies on its passion.

Micah Thor, Tech Guru’s VP of Operations, highlights Tech Guru’s efficiency.  “We installed a new server last year with ‘zero downtime server migration,'” he says.  Now Tech Guru confidently provides ongoing support and monitoring, which keeps the Sumiko scene humming along.

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