CPA Firm Ups the Remote Access Ante

During the busy tax season, Foreman & Airhart wanted to be able to access files securely and remotely. Tech Guru gave them efficient and secure email, file server and backup solutions.


  • Failing email & file server
  • Failing backup
  • Remote users that need system access during tax season

The Solution

Cloud Hosted Exchange Reduces Spam Infiltration

  • Tech Guru performed a complete email migration and configured smartphones to connect to the service
  • Cloud Hosted Exchange is a significant disaster recovery plan component
  • Simplified remote email access without the need for connecting to a VPN

Cloud Backup Makes Tapes a Thing of the Past

  • Tech Guru implemented a cloud backup system that is more secure than tapes
  • Deleted files are kept up to thirty days and up to seven versions of each file are retained
  • The cloud backup solution compliments their existing server Shadow Copy system that allows for quickly restoring deleted or overwritten files
  • Backups are monitored continuously for any failures by the Tech Guru service team

Scalable Remote Access Allows Team to Work from Anywhere

  • Tech Guru implemented an office-based remote desktop server and an SSL VPN client
  • This solution enables easy remote access from anytime, anywhere
  • When new tax professionals are on-boarded, Tech Guru handles every aspect of
    technology connectivity and ensures productivity from the start