Fun and Futuristic Inventions

Look, it’s Marty McFly! Nevermind, it’s just a Monorover

The Monorover, or a self-balancing scooter, comes with an LED light and will take you where you want to go. It’s one step closer to the hoverboards from Back to the Future. Weren’t they supposed to be here by 2015, anyway? It looks like something you’d fall of of, but it’s in tune with your movements and adjusts accordingly, hence ‘self-balancing.’


Navdy makes it possible to use your phone and drive safely

Navdy Heads Up display is the new driving feature for your car and is designed to keep your eyes on the road. It gives directions, has voice activated texting and calling features, and can’t be dangerous because pilots use it.High end cars already come with the Heads Up display installed, but now you can put it in your ‘05 Honda Civic.


Supersonic jets will fly everyone around the world faster

A new supersonic jet can get you from London to New York City in about three hours. Crumpets and tea for breakfast and a hot dog for lunch. The S-512, a luxury jet that can seat up to eighteen people, is eco friendly, and flies at 1,370 miles per hour. Highly aerodynamic, it’s the fastest civilian jet to-date. And you can have it, all for one low payment of $80 million.


The Martin Jetpack can fly 500 feet in the air

The Martin Jetpack looks like some kind of giant flying triple-kegger, and it could be for sale within a year, and you can get it for $150,000. It has a built in parachute and a fireproof suit because it’s expected to be used by firefighters. It also has a V4 engine and is great for anyone under 265 pounds.


Maybe these last two won’t make your purchase list anytime soon, but it’s fun to see what inventions are coming to the market. At one point computers were unreachable, and now they’re ubiquitous, so let’s see if the same holds true for jetpacks.