Getting an “A” from Autotask

It’s Tech Guru’s very own report card in IT service excellence, and it says good things about the Minneapolis tech support company.  A recent service report from Autotask concluded we are better, on average, than other Autotask companies in service quality in every area.  Missing from the report were our gold stars, but we’ll just get some at the office supply store.

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Rate Your Tech

Autotask descibes itself as “a complete business management platform specifically designed for technology solution providers, accessible anytime, from anywhere.”  Tech Guru VP of Operations Micah Thor explains the process of evalutation.  “After each ticket we close, we send the client a survey with scores from one to five in each category.”  A few of the questions presented are:

  • How would you rate the technician’s professionalism?
  • How would you rate the timeliness of the initial response to your issue?
  • How satisfied were you with the overall response you received?

Scores are then averaged, and if anything is less than perfect Tech Guru will call the user to find out what could have been done to get all fives.  “Every time something hits below five we add it to weekly agenda, no matter how insignificant it may seem.  It’s the driving force with getting scores up,” says Micah.

Positively Making the Grade

Tech Guru’s philosophy focuses on positive reinforcement.  Micah says, “We’ve created a culture about constant improvement.  At Tech Guru, there’s no anger around an imperfect score.  It’s merely seen as an opportunity to make something better.  “We’re not overconfident or resistant to feedback,” says Micah.  “We crave it,” he counters.  “We’re gluttons for punishment!”

Ready to give Tech Guru a chance to show you how much we care about giving your organization outstanding service?

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!