How Accountants Celebrate the End of Busy Season

If you manage accountants, you’re likely thinking of celebration ideas to reward your team when busy season comes to an end.  The period between February and April tests even the most dedicated CPAs. You’re a champ to recognize your staff!  Tech Guru learned how one Minnesota CPA firm treats the team after April 15.

A Cause for Celebration

In the midst of the busy season, it can feel as though the end will never be in sight. Keeping this in mind, the staff at Redpath and Company brainstorms ideas for an “end of busy season” party that everyone can look forward to during these grueling three months. We spoke with Kasha Lundell, a Government/NFP Auditor at Redpath and Company, about how her firm keeps morale high and their employees excited. Lundell said past events have included Whirlyball, PINZ, The Big Thrill Factory, an escape room, Pontoon on a Lake, games, and even putting on a “Casino Night.  The party’s theme is voted upon at the end of March.

A Well-Earned Vacation

Along with the parties that some firms plan to award their employees, many CPAs will plan their vacation departure after April 13th. Lundell says, “People definitely plan their vacations around busy season – the office gets pretty quiet for a while once it’s over.”  Sometimes, the only thing to keep an accountant going is the vision of an umbrella in a cold drink.

A Morale Booster

It’s great to have something to look forward to, such as a party or vacation, but it is equally important to keep employees happy and motivated during the long months during busy season. At Redpath and Company, they take this responsibility very seriously, “We have weekly events – happy hours, free lunches at least once a week, snacks every week, free breakfast on Saturdays, and the occasional omelet bar,” says Lundell.

A Big Time Commitment

During the busy season, it is not just the employees who endure the long hours. Often the significant others and children of CPAs have to sacrifice time with the person they love during these busy three months. Something special that Redpath CEO Mark Gibbs does is send out a thank you card and gift cards to the families of all the employees.  “It’s Mark’s way of saying, ‘Thank you for letting us steal your loved one from you during busy season,’” notes Lundell.

It is safe to say there are plenty of ways to help keep your firm motivated and happy during the busy season. We love hearing about all the ways firms are helping their employees to stay motivated during this intense time.   Drop us a comment on social media to let us know about initiatives your firm practices to boost morale and reward employees for their devotion to the firm’s clients.  We’d love to hear about them!