Cloud Infrastructure Replaces Failing Server


  • Server with database & email is old and failing
  • Internal IT support person left the company
  • Computers were not up-to-date
  • Downtime was the norm

IT Services Utilized by Big Ink

The Solution

Google Apps Brings Productivity Enhancements

  • Tech Guru performed a white-glove email migration. In the end, Big Ink employees got to keep their email addresses, all their mail, calendars, and contacts.
  • While there was a learning curve, everyone is pleasantly surprised with the productivity boost with Google Apps
  • The included Google Apps training was very much appreciated and eased the transition
  • They would not go back to Exchange

Dropbox for Business: File Sharing Without a File Server

  • Dropbox provides anywhere, anytime access to files and is a backup system at the same time
  • The transition off the server and onto Dropbox was smooth and uneventful. Thereʼs nothing new to learn and everything looks and works the way it used to.
  • Now that all files are on Dropbox, it is easy to restore deleted files and previous versions without IT involvement

Virtual Cloud Server: Simple Business Continuity

  • CEO Tom Trutna decided heʼd rather leave server hosting and management to the professionals and replace his aging server with a virtual cloud server
  • Tom takes comfort in knowing that in the event of a disaster, he can access his data and run his business from anywhere
  • The server is backed-up nightly and is in a completely redundant, fault-tolerant hosting environment

Proactive IT Maintenance & Computer Support Services Keep Problems from Effecting Productivity

  • Computer preventative maintenance is performed in the background, automatically
  • Tech Guru is able to detect and remedy problems before they caused downtime
  • Users need not waste time installing updates on their own computers