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IT Training & Coaching Services

IT is one of the fastest growing industries and has officially engrained itself into the foundation of business processes.  However, the technology landscape is ever changing, and as it continues to grow and change, so does how we use it.  As a result, in order for you and your businesses to get the most out of the technology you have and operate at optimal efficiency you have to know what technologies are out there and understand how they work and how to use them efficiently to increase your business’ productivity.

Get the Most Out of Your Technology

The biggest challenge for many companies is teaching their employees how to take advantage of time saving technology and applications for business, so they can be more productive on the go.  Whether you’re an established professional confident in your technology skills or a little shaky when it comes to technology, Tech Guru has the IT training services to help you become even more productive with the help of technology.  Our team of IT training & IT coaching experts will work with you and your employees to help your business achieve its technology goals.  Don’t have a technology plan currently in place, our team of IT strategy consulting experts can help you customize one that aligns with your current business plan & objectives.


Go From Tech Savvy to Tech Guru®

To get the most out of your business technology we’ll provide you with one-on-one technology training and show you how to take advantage of time-saving apps for business, be more productive on the go, and take more advantage of those little pockets of time between meetings and appointments, so you can accomplish more in less time.  Already technology savvy? We’ll show you email, task and customer relationship management software as well as keyboard shortcuts to turn you from technology savvy into a Tech Guru.

Our experts will provide training on various technology tools/applications such as Google™ apps, Microsoft® Apps, tablet/smart phone apps, finance applications, email management software and more, to help you achieve your technology goals by…

  • Getting organized
  • Improving team collaboration
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Automating workflows
  • Streamlining sales & presentations
  • Maximizing social media presence
  • Enhancing web marketing
  • Going paperless
  • Being productive Anywhere
  • Managing & share music & photos


Additional Technology Training Areas Include:

  • Tablet & smart phone apps
  • Microsoft® Office apps
  • Google™ Apps
  • CRM (customer relationship management) apps
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Email management (i.e. quickbooks)
  • Cloud apps
  • Finance apps
  • Task management
  • Note taking

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