It’s Alive! Getting Nonprofit IT Support Moving

Tech Guru loves doing IT support for clients in the nonprofit world, and setting up tech for the unique and community-based dance company Kairos Alive has already furthered the company’s vision for growth.  Learn more about what makes this organization move!

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Dancing with Tech

“Tech Guru got us up and running,” says Maria Genné, Artistic Director of Kairos Alive, whose organization began with five iPads and no way to connect them.  For nonprofits fueled by passion, and reluctant to get bogged down with the minutia of connectivity, Tech Guru is a lifesaver.

Wellness for All Ages

“How can we create better well-being in our communities?” asks Maria, whose company comprises of dancers ages 7-98 years old and works with mainly older adults.  She points to a study from Einstein College in New York City conducted over the course of 20 years (published in the The New England Journal of Medicine, June 2003) which examined leisure activities that might delay early diagnoses of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  As it turns out, one of the most effective things you can do is dance!

“Our challenge is always how to translate the positive impacts of arts engagement that far surpass that of drugs,” says Maria.  “Drugs on the market to combat early diagnoses of Alzheimer’s note 2% improvement in patients – and the side effects totally negate the 2% gain!”

In a keynote speech to the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, Maria spoke about “The Choreography of Care.”  She outlined the different ways artists collaborate with people by being resourceful and respectful – treating the person next to us as though he or she really matters.  “We want to collaborate with others to create the best health they can,” Maria says.

Dancing, Far and Wide

Kairos Alive can’t sit still.  In addition to the just-launched Kickstarter campaign for their “Dancing Veterans Project,” future Kairos Alive locations may include Los Angeles and two more Minnesota cities: Bemidji and Winona.  Aside from having a presence in additional cities, “Tech Guru will help us use technology to share our work from afar,” says Maria.  Kairos Alive will be able to extend its reach by enabling virtual mentorships, long-distance learning labs, and doing more to stay connected with those they meet along the way.

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