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Juel Fairbanks’ Executive Director Jan Lindstrom sought a technology service provider to make technology work more efficiently and empower her staff. She accomplished those objectives by engaging Tech Guru.


  • Unresponsive technology service provider
  • Unreliable network connections & aging phone system
  • Despite having mostly new computers, slow application performance
  • Inability so share calendars


Tech Guru Service Desk Delivers Consistent Responsiveness

  • To deliver on their mission, staff need to be working with their clients, not dealing with technology problems
  • Staff gets the help they need when they need it and most issues are resolved remotely.
  • The service desk staff coordinates services from other technology vendors instead of pointing fingers.

New Network Wiring & IP Phone System

  • Many of the performance issues had to do with old computer wiring
  • Where others had provided temporary quick fixes, Tech Guru delivered all new network cables to every location which dramatically improved network and Internet performance.
  • The new IP phone system enables seamless connectivity between the four sites.

Cloud Hosted Exchange Enhances Productivity & Collaboration

  • Jan was used to being able to collaborate with her staff by sharing calendars
  • We delivered a Cloud Hosted Exchange platform to enable staff to share information more easily with others
  • By having email in the cloud, Jan does not need to worry power or Internet outages. This vital service will still work even in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Backup & Shadow Copy Provides Peace of Mind

  • Offsite backup had been accomplished with hard drives, but this provided to be cumbersome and unreliable.
  • Cloud backups are monitored constantly, work consistently, and are cost-effective.
  • Shadow Copy was enabled at no cost and enables users to quickly restore files.

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