What We Love about Hipchat

Tech Guru has dispensed with time-consuming chain emails, text, social media posts, and memos for workplace communications. Now we stay connected through Hipchat, our one communications hub that’s quick, inclusive, and fun.

It’s easy, fast, and fun to use

It’s easier and faster than email, and with so many emoji and added bots, you can tell someone if they’re being sassy or witty, and that makes it “hip.” (If 80’s fashion can come back, so can 80’s lingo). Hipchat has apps for all devices, including the Apple Watch so we can stay in contact with everyone at once no matter where we are.

It’s perfect for businesses and work environments

Hipchat is free with group chat, instant messaging, file sharing, unlimited users and integrations. For $2 per user per month, Hipchat comes with video chat, screen sharing, and much more. It closes the communication gap among team members, so there’s no digging through ten different message histories to find out who said what. But the open, inclusive nature of Hipchat makes it impossible for you to pretend you missed a memo.

It’s inclusive and direct

Our message history is openly displayed, so we can see what everyone is talking about. It also makes it easy for new employees to get caught up. There’s nothing to hide. We’re one team, and we always stay positive. We don’t post anything negative on Hipchat because that stops us from getting stuff done and makes things uncomfortable. If we have gripes, we save them for meetings.

It’s features and integrations extend its usefulness

It also has dozens of free integrations that make Hipchat easier to use like Google Drive, WordPress and web services, private chat, inline image sharing, and video conferencing. Those are just a few applications we need to plow through the afternoon.

When we stay in better contact with each other, we’re able to help our clients more efficiently. But we still think the best part is goofing off with clever emoji. A little foolishness is treasured here. We’re geeks. We love whimsy.