Migrating to Sustainable IT

Tech Guru developed an IT Strategy and enabled greater productivity for the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA) with better email, cloud file sharing and solid IT Computer support.

Since 1974, the MCEA has been protecting our water, air, land and people. MCEA works with government agencies, the Legislature, and the courts to set sound environmental policy, to ensure good laws are enacted, and to enforce the law when needed. Real environmental issues are complex and real environmental progress takes time. MCEA is in it for the long haul.


  • Email provider required moving off their servers
  • Users could not access all email remotely
  • Poor computer performance


Google Apps Improves Productivity

  • Tech Guru recommended and executed a Google Apps migration including pre-and post-project training
  • Complete migration of email, calendar, and contacts minimized downtime
  • Excellent follow-up support improved user adoption
  • Computer performance improved when Outlook was no longer running

Cloud File Sharing Enables Mobile Productivity

  • MCEA staff need access to file from the capital to the courtroom
  • Cloud file sharing also acts as a backup system making recovery of deleted files easy
  • File are now accessible on all types of mobile devices including tablets and smartphones

Dependable IT Strategy & Support

  • Frequent IT debacles caused users to be tentative about any proposed changes
  • Tech Guru showed the highest level of dedication by putting the client first
  • With Tech Guru’s consistent response and attention to detail, users are beginning to embrace technology once again