“The New Business Card: How and Why to Self-Publish Your Book” A Lunch and Learn Event

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The New Business Card: Why and How to Self-Publish Your Book

The world of publishing is changing dramatically and now anyone can easily self-publish and distribute a book through the use of new publishing tools and the Internet. The stigma of self publishing has disappeared, and self-publishing is truly the future of publishing.
Self-publishing your own book can be a valuable marketing tool for promoting yourself and your business. Publishing your own book is a way to stand out and increase your credibility and visibility in the market. Writing a book can make you an expert in the field, and handing someone your book is way more impressive than handing someone just your business card.
Did you know:
–65% of the people who buy your book will never read it!  Learn what this means for self-publishing your own book.
–Up to 75% of all books will be self-published in just a few years.
–In 2013, self publishing was estimated to be a $52 billion industry.
–41% of the print books and 67% of ebooks sold in the U.S. are sold on Amazon.

If you want to make a great impression, and if you want anyone to read your book, you will need to make an investment in order to produce a quality product. And, although self-publishing does cost money, there are ways to optimize this investment by carefully choosing how and where you develop and publish your book.

If you don’t want to write the book yourself, you can hire a ghostwriter to do it for you. In fact, most of the books written by top business leaders have a ghostwriter or another writer involved.
Come hear author, ghostwriter, and self-publishing expert Joan Holman share with you valuable information about how you can write and self-publish your own book quickly and easily and:
–Make yourself stand out
–Promote your product or service
–Position yourself as an expert or thought leader

The Presenter

self-publishing laws of success - joan holman
Joan Holman is a nationally acclaimed Internet marketing and publishing expert. She is the Founder of the Self Publishing Zone website (www.selfpublishing.zone), which is a hub for information and resources related to the new paradigm in publishing.  Joan’s international clientele includes authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, business professionals and leaders. Joan has worked with both self-published and traditionally-published authors in the areas of book development, developmental editing, ghostwriting, book titles, book project management, self-publishing, book marketing and author and book websites.
Joan is the Founder of the “Self Publishing Zone” LinkedIn Group and has the following websites:
“Joan Holman’s knowledge about marketing on the Internet is amazing.”
– Kris Solie-Johnson
President, American Institute of Small Business