One Easy Step That Can Help You Transfer Files Securely

Transferring files can be stressful. With sensitive client data at stake, it’s imperative that files are shared securely and all information is protected. With cybersecurity risks even higher during a CPA’s busy season, here’s our best tip for getting files from A to B, virtually.

At Tech Guru, we steer clients to Office 365 for email for transferring files securely.

The Add-On

Service desk manager Daniel Derasmo suggests enabling their OME (Office 365 Message Encryption) add-on subscription. Daniel loves this feature because it allows users “to send an encrypted message easily from Outlook on their desktop or the web with minimal effort.”

How It Works

This process helps takes away the uncertainty when it comes to sharing files with clients. Daniel explained that “the recipient receives a link to a secured website to view the email, along with very simple instructions for how to access it.”

This process helps ensure both parties are using a safe, secure connection. This add-on feature also allows you to send text and attachments, making it very simple for the end user to easily send a reply (including attachments) from the same message.

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Safety Benefits

This is a great feature, especially during your busy season. It helps keep you in control of sensitive information and assures your clients their data isn’t floating around unprotected.

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