Please Duck-Face Responsibly


Selfie sticks are a culture craze, but even with a humorous and lighthearted rap, they have a pretty good use. You can take a good self-portrait without a giant arm coming out of your neck to hold your phone. But while technology is fun and convenient, it’s not a safety net for poor judgment.

Selfie Sticks are banned at Disney

Disney recently banned selfie sticks in their parks, and that includes their locations in France and Hong Kong. Apparently, the sticks posed a threat to cast and visitors, and people were getting knocked around. I guess a bunch of beat-up, bruised Disney Princesses is not something you want to show to the kids. Using them on rides has been banned for a long time now, for obvious reasons. Too many phones and sticks getting whacked off. Hello! Of course your phone on the end of a stick is not coming back from Space Mountain.

Selfie Sticks cause some disruption around the world

Selfie sticks are actually banned in a lot of places, like the Palace of Versailles in France, music festivals, and some sporting events. There’s always those few dunderheads that ruin it for the rest of us. Selfie sticks are fun, but let’s not forget that we’re running around with clubs, and most of us aren’t on the police force, so be careful with them. Use them safely so we’re not just a sea of smiling faces whacking each other in the head.

Selfie Sticks can encourage risky behavior

Two Russian daredevils used their selfie stick when they snuck to the top of a crane on the Ping An Financial Center in China, the second tallest building in the world. One slip and they would have a long time to think things over as they plummet to the streets of Shenzhen. The nature of selfie sticks might encourage us to use them dangerously. I mean, they’re sticks. We’ve been waving sticks around since we sprouted opposable thumbs. But lets try to remember that we have the whole pre-frontal cortex thing, too.