A Self-Made Billionaire’s 7 Secrets For Growing Incredible Revenues


Hi, friends. Question for you: What were you thinking?

We all have our reasons for clicking on (and offering) clickbait. I hope you were bored and looking for distraction. And not hoping Business Santa Claus or the Business Fairy Godmother were behind that link.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve been in business for 20 years and my fellow Sales Geek, Rich Scorza, has been 30 years. Neither of us has encountered a secret magic trick for building revenues.

Here’s some realitybait: If you’re in a viable business and not developing enough sales to survive and thrive, it’s because your sales process is weak to nonexistent and you’re not differentiating your offering.

Could this be true?

Is this true of your breathtakingly unique business and the very complicated situation it’s in?


OK, but:

  1. What eternity of reprogramming must you endure in order to conform to a sales process?
  2. What dark arts must you practice to convince fickle prospects to buy all the value you offer?

Answers: 1) Fifteen minutes. 2) Role playing, mostly

More straight dope: You and anyone with a learner’s attitude can become an effective, considerate seller in a short time. Moreover, if you’re in a viable business you WILL increase your revenues with a bit of coaching.

Really? Tell me more, by way of promoting the upcoming workshop from your coaching business!

Shameless plug

The Sales Geeks is now taking signups for our April 30 workshop in Minneapolis, hosted by our good friends, and one of our awesome success stories, Tech Guru, the Caring Technology Company. This is a small-group, highly interactive session focused on YOUR OPPORTUNITY, so register now before we fill up!

In the half-day “Gotta Do It Selling” workshop from The Sales Geeks, you’ll learn a distilled sales process and practice it in so many scrappy situations that you will leave there with your best stuff down cold, as confirmed by fellow small businesspeople working alongside you. Networking meetings, discovery calls, price discussions, presentations – after all kinds of role playing, personas and hot seats, you’ll have proven yourself a capable, consistent seller.

Not a bad morning’s work! And the best $300 you’ll spend all of April 30.


PS, If you clicked in here seeking distraction, you accidentally found something really useful. Now get back to work!


As a partner in two advisory companies, The Sales Geeks and Integrated Sales Strategies, I help businesses clarify strategies, strengthen offerings, and communicate effectively. These are stops on the same line: defining and delivering value propositions.

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