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Does your business have an IT strategy in place?  A well-designed/aligned IT strategy that incorporates a company’s IT capabilities along with their overall business strategy is essential in helping the organization achieve its mission and maintain steady/consistent growth.  Devising an IT strategy for your company can seem like a long complicated process, and for those who don’t have a large IT department or an IT leader developing an IT strategy can be difficult, nonetheless designing one that aligns with your businesses objectives.  That’s where we come into play, at Tech Guru our IT strategy-consulting experts will help you devise and develop a technology strategy specifically for your business that aligns your IT capabilities with the overall business strategy and objectives.

You don’t need to be an IT expert or a technology guru for your business to have a technology strategy.  We understand that there is no cookie cutter technology strategy template that fits over every business, which is why we spend time before and during our initial consultation to get to know your businesses vision and needs so we can develop a strategy that aligns with your vision and maximizes ROI.  Our proven technology strategy development process allows us to design an IT strategy that aligns with your business objectives and your overall vision, to help you maximize ROI and productivity.  Below is an example of our 5-step IT strategy development process.

Our Caring IT Strategy Development Process


I.       Consultation

We begin by asking clients to have key stakeholders complete our Initial Consultation Questionnaire prior to the initial consultation to help us get an idea of where you’re at with technology (i.e . what you’re using technology for, issues you’re having, etc.), what your overarching vision/objectives are for your business and how you plan on achieving those objectives.  During the meeting, we go beneath the surface and get in-sync with your vision and mission as well as core values to understand what exactly you’re looking for, so by the end of the meeting, you get some ideas that can help unshackle you from your IT headaches.

II.      Road Map

During the Road Map phase, we delve deeper into the initial consultation questionnaire and our initial consultation and devise/present the ways in which we can help your company’s vision for the future become a reality, by utilizing proven yet custom technologies and methodologies fit for your business.

III.       Implementation

The implementation phase is a process with brief weekly check-in calls, where we get set up for complete success in serving you and your business.  Our goal is to be minimally invasive with the least amount of disruption while implementing our services.

IV.       Quarterly & Annual Reviews

Upon completion of the technology strategy implementation, we run a structured business first–technology second meeting with key stakeholders on a quarterly basis to keep technology aligned with the businesses vision & direction.  Each quarterly review has a theme that we focus on and we proactively bring new technology recommendations to you to help you stay ahead of the curve, keep your business operating efficiently, and continue to maximize ROI.

During the Annual Review, we look out three years and provide budget guidance as well as cover all Quarterly Review agenda items.

No matter what you’re businesses IT needs are or what your technology plan includes Tech Guru has all the resources you need to help your business continue its success and growth.  If you have any questions about any of our services or offerings, or how we can help your business call or contacts us, we’d be happy speak with you. In addition to our IT strategy consulting and planning services, we also offer a tremendous range of IT management services, including:


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