Tech Commandment #1: Mission First, Technology Second

Minneapolis IT support company Tech Guru presents the first in a ten-part series called The 10 Tech Commandments of Business.
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Tech Guru CEO Dan Moshe has worked with his valued clients for long enough to lay down some rules when it comes to technology and business.  In his explanation of the first of 10 Tech Commandments for Business, Dan encourages your business or nonprofit to examine its business mission first and technology second.

What is your business mission?

Take the time to fully understand and document the mission of your organization.  Dan Moshe asks clients to, “Define the problem you’re trying to solve.”  Once the problem has been identified, there may be a few different paths to a solution.  Ask, “What does success look like?” Your company or nonprofit can consider the technology available, then apply the option that helps you attain your solution.

Why not the other way around? 

Tech Guru doesn’t believe in technology for the sake of technology.  Too often, Dan has seen clients focus on trends in tech, and he believes that is a mistake.  Technology that doesn’t serve an organization’s purpose is unlikely to be adopted or provide a significant return on investment.  Like any business investment, your technology should provide some sort of return.

Dan has gotten used to clients going to a conference, seeing some cool technology, and saying, “I heard about this – let’s implement it!”  Dan encourages the person to step back, and follow his recommended steps.  What the client saw at the conference may very well be the solution, but Tech Guru may also be able to provide a better/cheaper/faster solution.

Technology at Work

Dan gives an example of “business mission first, technology second” at work.  Imagine a new client has an environment involving both Macs and PCs, and the staff wants better access to email outside the office.  What does success look like?  Easy: The staff happily accessing email on all devices, regardless of what devices are used.  The solutions might be cloud hosted exchange, Google apps, or Microsoft Office 365.  Of the options available, Dan and the client could determine which one would most successfully achieve the client’s objective.

Let Tech Guru Be Part of the Solution

If your organization has technology problems or questions for Tech Guru, we hope you’ll contact us.  We’ll talk it through!

Check in next week when we explore “Tech Commandment #2:  Technology Doesn’t Solve People Problems, It Exacerbates Them.”

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!