Tech Commandment #2: Tech Doesn’t Solve People Problems, It Exacerbates Them

Minneapolis IT support company Tech Guru presents the second in a ten-part series called The 10 Tech Commandments of Business.

Tech Guru CEO Dan Moshe has worked with his valued clients for long enough to lay down some rules when it comes to technology and business.  Last week Dan covered Tech Commandment #1: Mission First, Technology Second.  This week, Dan explains why technology will only solve your company’s biggest issues when used correctly.

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People with Problems

Unmotivated. Sloppy.  Maybe even untrustworthy. 

All companies have some employees who set the bar low, but if your organization has employees who pose a threat to its growth, things won’t change with a shiny new set of computer monitors.  Technology isn’t a bandage that will perk employees up or make them like you.  Dan suggests looking at your objectives in relation to employees before deciding to make changes to the way you do business.

Is Tech the Answer?

When speaking with clients, Dan listens for what is at the heart of the issue a client is experiencing.  Is it a productivity matter, accounts receivable, or other business issue?  Upgrading your tech can also mean upgrading your problems, one reason Dan likes to ask, “What does success look like?”

“I want better security so my employees don’t steal data.”

Dan has had clients who want the freedom to work from anywhere but express fears about moving to the cloud.  They believe going to the cloud means employees will gain access to data more easily and share it with others.

Clients have asked if Dan if he can prevent employees from sharing folders, or whether he can lock down computers.  The answer is yes, but the only way to keep employees from stealing data is to keep them away from your computers entirely.  The deeper question could be, why are you employing people you believe could cause such significant harm to your company?

“I want new CRM software because our sales have been going downhill.”

Some technology can be a tool to solve problems as part of a plan.  However, throwing tech at a problem is only going to cost you money and not going to make the problem go away.  “That’s right,” says Dan, “I’m a tech person telling you that tech isn’t going to solve your problems!”

If sales aren’t good, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools aren’t going to fix that.  Neither is an upgraded version of Quicken.  A CRM tool isn’t going to be used by unmotivated employees.  But if the CRM tool is part of a new and improved compensation system, that CAN help.  If the tool helps you measure and tie compensation to number of calls made and number of sales, employees may find that they are eager to once again exceed their quotas.

Tech Doesn’t Save, It Merely Helps

“I’m not saying technology is evil or bad,” says Dan with a laugh, “but only when it’s applied responsibly is when you get a return on your investment.  I want people to get technology because it supports their objectives.”  Need help discerning your people problems from your business problems?  Tech Guru is here for that.

Check back when we explore “Tech Commandment #3: Bigger Isn’t Always Better When It Comes to Cost.

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!