Tech Commandment #5: Don’t Do It Yourself

Minneapolis IT support company Tech Guru presents the fifth in a ten-part series called The 10 Tech Commandments of Business.

Last time, Tech Guru CEO Dan Moshe assured you of Tech Commandment #4: There are No Dumb Questions in IT.  Now it’s his turn to ask a question: Are your working hours spent tending to your technology or your business?  Dan explains why, unless your business is technology, it’s important to have a trusted IT service provider taking care of (tech) business.

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It’s Going to Cost You

You may not notice right away.  First, it’s a few trips to Best Buy to return handware that wasn’t right.  Then those three hours turn into a lost day of productivity.  Your clients wonder why you’re delayed on a deadline, or why their email to you is bouncing back.  Later, you may find that a tech decision you made after taking a friend’s advice has come back to bite you – and now you’ll have to start over.  Once again, using your precious time and financial resources.

At Tech Guru, there are countless tasks that can be accomplished in 5 minutes, versus the half day it might take you to do the very same thing.  The reason?  As a tech service provider to small businesses in Minneapolis, Tech Guru’s customer service is improved by automating the many steps that go into making a company’s IT run smoothly.  Automation benefits clients by solving problems quickly and predictably, saving everyone time and money.  Your time, after all, is better spent doing whatever it is that adds to your company’s bottom line.

The Stakes are Too High

If you’re really itching for a DIY project, turn on HGTV or paint your bathroom fuschia.  Neither of those activities have the potential to ruin your livelihood by exposing you to security risks or serious financial losses.

Taking technology into your own hands puts you in a vulnerable position with hackers and scammers.  Perhaps you have an unsecure connection, or your data isn’t being backed up properly.  Your private, financial, and customer data are worth big bucks – and so is the reputation you’ve worked hard to build.

When it comes to something as crucial as your health, you don’t diagnose yourself on WebMD.  Technology belongs in the hands of experts as well.  The security of your clients and the future of your business depend on it.

You’ll Never Catch Up

Awareness of the latest in technology is challenging even for those in the tech industry!    Technology changes at warp speed, and staying on top of new developments is Tech Guru’s business.  “We know what’s around the bend because that’s all we do,” says Dan Moshe.  The average person trying to figure out IT as she goes will always be a few steps behind what’s current.

An IT service provider will understand your buisness because you’ve let him in.  Tech Guru takes care to learn the infrastructure you and your employees depend on to be able to run your business.  Best of all?  The ability to see the big picture of your company and plan ahead for technology needs down the road.

Don’t Play with Wires

When it comes to tech, it simply doesn’t make sense to try to go it alone or do it yourself.  Tech Guru is the Caring expert – caring as much about your business as you do!

Want to put Caring IT to work for you?

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!