Tech Guru Client Profile: Julie Bauch of Bauch Enterprises

Providing outstanding technology service to businesses and organizations in Minneapolis offers no shortage of fascinating clients, and Tech Guru would count Julie Bauch among the most admirable of the bunch.  Her commercial property management firm, Bauch Enterprises, is a one-stop shop for personal, detailed care for property owners.

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Efficient and Mighty

Bauch Enterprises is a boutique commercial property management firm servicing the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan areas.  “It fits my clients’ needs and desires for one-on-one contact,” says Julie.  Bauch Enterprises services commercial real estate – retail, office, and industrial – and Julie wears all the hats.  “I’m the manager, leasing agent, construction coordinator… whatever you need on the property.”  Clients get all the information on every aspect of their property with just one call.  “That’s what they like,” Julie observes, “And that’s what they’ve been missing.”

High Heels and Cowboy Boots

Having grown up in Bloomington, Julie focused on the Twin Cities to begin her career in real estate in the 1980s.  She managed retail, working with United Properties for three years.  Julie then took a one-year break from corporate life to manage a horse farm.  Managing a barn may have been enjoyable, but when Griffin Companies came a-courtin’ for Julie to run their retail division, she was ready to hit the ground running again.

As VP of Retail for Griffin for three years and President of Bauch Enterprises, Julie was ready to take what she had learned along the way and try an experiment.  “My heart is horses and cowboys,” Julie explains.  She bought a ranch near Golden, Colorado, and commuted to the Twin Cities for work for seven years.  Though she made some headway in managing property in the Centennial State, Julie didn’t have the same knowledge and relationships that she had in Minneapolis.  Meanwhile, past Minneapolis clients were calling her, dissatisfied with their current property managers.  Julie took them in, sold the ranch, and moved back to Minneapolis five years ago.

The Phone Keeps Ringing

How has Julie’s industry changed in the time she’s been managing the city’s hubs of commerce?  “People want instant communication in every form,” Julie notes.  Tenants text, email, and call, and expect availability at all times.  “My email can’t be down.  I can’t suffer any loss of communication – no one tolerates that anymore!”

That’s where Tech Guru comes in, doing for Julie what she does for her clients.  “They know who I am and how I work,” says Julie, who claims to have the attention span of a gnat.  Prior to working with Tech Guru, Julie would call someone for IT service, wait for them to call back, then listen as someone tried to walk her through each step and explain what was going on.  Julie now has people who work with her personality.  “If my webpage is down or I have a meeting in ten minutes, they don’t explain a lot.  They remotely access what they need, and I’m able to move forward without losing my mind.  I truly, truly love them,” she says.

Hot on the Market

With buzz that the recession might be over as far as real estate is concerned, Julie closely watches the very active market.  “The boom in commercial real estate is because of the residential market that’s growing so quickly.”  It’s the multi-family aspect of commercial property is that’s going crazy.  “They mixed-use developments have both the retail and the housing element, which is so depleted.”    What’s trending in real estate?  “The mixed-use property is definitely the trend, and it’s shovel-ready.”  Julie adds, “And there’s rumbling that we’re due for another round of Class A office buildings.”

If your company is looking for some new digs, one of Julie’s buildings might be perfect.  The property, located at 180 East 5th St in St. Paul, is one million square feet and 13 floors of Class B office space.  Originally built for railroad baron James J. Hill, the space boasts many cool features unique to a building of this era.  What is currently an event center used to be a bank lobby.  A 268-seat theater was built in the 1950s to accomodate board meetings.  Other companies occupying the building are the Army Corps of Engineers, Heath Partners, and outdoor adventure company Gander Mountain.  Contact Bauch Enterprises for more information.

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