The Tech Guru Father’s Day Gift Guide


Dad’s a busy guy, and he loves cool gadgets. It’s your job to get him what he wants so he can spend more time heading outdoors or kicking back. Don’t disappoint him with another framed photo of yourself. Get the guy what he’s really going to love and use to make his life easier.


Tile is awesome. It’s a keychain and an app to help you keep track of your stuff. The Tile App can track pretty much anything of value: phones, computers, iPads, and anything you can clip a tile to that you don’t want lost or stolen. But as long as you have your phone you can track missing or stolen items that have the tile clip attached. And if you’re keys are out of range of your phone, the Tile App can track the location of your items using the phones of other Tile users without them even realizing it.


No one wants to sound like the school janitor every time they pull their jangling ring of keys out of their pocket. Until keys themselves become digitized, the way to keep them all organized now would be Swiss-army style. KeySmart is a tool that organizes keys into slots on a pocket knife-like gadget, keeping them orderly and secure. Now Dad can sneak out of the office in silence.



The one card to hold them all. Fat wallets aren’t something to brag about anymore. We’ve got credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, rewards cards, and other cards. Can’t we just have one freaking card? Yes, now we can. It’s called Plasc card. Put all your cards on it and swipe to whichever one you want to use. And if you lose it, the card will erase all your information until you get it back. Secure, easy, and perfect for a dad.

Sony Action Cam

The new Sony Action Cam comes with a watch that lets you see what you’re recording right there on your arm. Clip the camera to your shoulder, your back, your helmet, on a tri-pod, or anywhere, and let it do its thing while you do yours. This one’s the best for dad’s who are into a lot of outdoor sports like mountain biking or skiing and want to show off their adventures.


It’s either one of these or more power tools. But seriously, no more mugs and shirts with your face on them.