Tech Guru’s Maria Lundberg Takes a Big, Bold Leap!

It’s no secret that Tech Guru has a habit of hiring employees who excel at customer service, and Client Relations Manager Maria Lundberg continues to wow clients every day with her knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient manner.  This month, Maria, also a talented painter, put her artwork on display in Art-A-Whirl, presented by the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association.  The annual tour can be found in more than 70 locations throughout Northeast Minneapolis, including studio buildings, art galleries, homes, storefronts, businesses, and restaurants.

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Not Just Another Pleasant Voice

In January, Tech Guru profiled Maria on the blog and traced her background in painting with oil, pastel, acrylic, and charcoal.  Having amassed a collection of paintings over the years, Maria knew she was ready to take on more commissions.  She also knew she needed to put herself “out there” to find clients seeking original art for their business or residence, but she was afraid to make the jump.  A co-worker at Tech Guru encouraged Maria to submit to Art-a-Whirl, an annual art tour presented by Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association.

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No Ifs or Buts, Just Guts

Taking part in Art-a-Whirl was just what Maria needed to get over the hump.  Though she’d done other shows, such as Echo of Waves, this was her first time by herself, with no other artists.  Maria found herself in a room with people looking at her work and judging it, and quickly realized, “Oh, I can do this!”  Her eyes opened to the vast opportunities available to her to display her work, such as at charity events.  Maria is excited about participating in another show soon.

Keeping Up the Momentum

What has she learned from the first of what will surely be many moments in the spotlight?  Word of mouth is great, but a website is mandatory, and she’s just learning the ropes. “A domain name?  What’s THAT?” she jokes.  Luckily, she works with the folks who have all the answers.  Maria has begin taking notes on websites of other artists, and naturally she has become inspired by their art as well.  The direction of her work is shifting.  “I’m going more 3D,” Maria says, “I love the distressed metals and reclaimed items around the city – the patinated copper, the worn steel.”  She’s looking forward to making more contacts as she continues to expand her collection of art.

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You Know Where She Works

Could you or someone you know use a piece of commissioned art?  Maria is adept at working with a client to determine the right colors, size, and style of the work so it fits beautifully into its commercial or residential setting.  Contact Tech Guru for your IT needs and get in touch with Maria as well. 

Update: See what happened next for our resident artist!

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