The King of the Grill Has Been Crowned!

The battle was hot, and the winner was named.  Congratulations, Joe Kessler!


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Nate Blomquist (left) and Joe Kessler (right).

What started as a profile of a cook became a friendly challenge between co-workers to find the best griller in the Tech Guru office.  Nate Blomquist and Joe Kessler worked their magic for a crowd of hungry judges – the clients, of course.

In the end, Joe won the hearts and stomachs of the group outside the Grain Belt Brewing Company building.  Everyone mingled, ate, drank, and enjoyed an early fall evening together.


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A few attendees commented on the goings-on the following day:

“Thanks for the lead on Freshbooks!” said Carl Rothausen of Wyndmere Naturals, Inc.  Managing partner Jeffrey W. Taverna of Avista Communications said, “Thanks for inviting us to the BBQ Cook-Off last evening.  It was a fun little event before the snow flies.  I look forward to more.


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