The Making of Tech Guru – Back in the Day

I was 14.  I had my first tech job.  And I had Dan Ogan to thank. 

I was only in middle school, and Dan changed my life forever.  Knowing I was stuck with an old, slow computer at home, he let me use his modern one.  Every day I was a fixture in his classroom, immersed in what seemed like a never-ending universe.  Seeing my obvious love for this new world, Dan asked one of my teachers to sponsor my attendance at a summer science institute.

There, I learned even more about computers, and became eager to leverage that experience.  I set my sights on working at the local tech company.  After countless calls and visits, service manager Darren finally caved and agreed to meet me.  The kid who persistently rode his bike over every hot summer day was hired after a brief interview.  I spent summers at that company throughout my high school career, working in almost every department

I started Tech Guru as a freshman in college, and today it employs four people and supports more than 50 businesses and non-profits.  There are people like Dan and Darren in your life, too.  Have you had a chance to help someone get a start?  You never know what it can lead to.