The Must-Have Scanner App

“I’ll just need a copy of your driver’s license.”  

“Sign the document and send it back to me.”

“Can you fax me that?”

For the times when you aren’t conveniently near a scanner or fax machine, TurboScan, available for iOS ($2.99) or Android ($0.99), comes to the rescue.  With TurboScan, users can turn multi-page documents into high-quality PDFs that you can email from your mobile device.

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How to Use It

Once you’ve downloaded the app, use is simple.

  • Use the controls to take a photo of your document.
  • Edit and name your document.
  • Save the document to Evernote or, or email it to yourself or another recipient as a JPEG or PDF
  • Or print the document with an AirPrint-enabled printer.

Productivity in Your Pocket

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