The Sizzling Sound of Minneapolis IT Support

If IT support company Tech Guru were Minneapolis’ best, hottest restaurant, its service desk would be the kitchen on a Saturday night.  “We make 64 Minnesota companies tick, and make sure their technology is working flawlessly every day,” says CEO Dan Moshe.  Check out what makes the hub of this company buzz with get-it-done energy.

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Hot Plate!

Clients calling in to Tech Guru’s service desk place their orders – then they get to sit back and relax, knowing they’re going to be taken care of.  Dan sums it up by saying, “It’s designed to support and help people with all the technology they come into contact with every single day.”

At any given time, the service desk staff might be helping a client with her iPhone, Windows computer, or wireless printer.  “We can’t just hire really smart people,” notes Dan, “That’s not good enough.  They have to show a high degree of caring for the people they’re supporting.”

High-Volume Hunger

Tech Guru’s service desk handles a client base in 8 states!  “Tech Guru went from supporting 570 users to 686 users in one month,” explains Dan.  That means doing even more of what they already do so well.  Setting up new computers and devices, taking support calls, or responding to automatic monitoring alerts, which can indicate issues customers don’t even know exist!

Dan says, “While 90% of what we do is over the phone, we also use couriers to maintain optimal efficacy to send and receive equipment in need of repair.”  Tech Guru maintains a pool of loaner laptops and desktops at no charge for its clients so they can get up and running, often in under an hour.  If it’s something serious like they can’t boot up, Tech Guru couriers in their dead computer and works on it in the office.

Serving Satisfaction

“We’re always looking to improve,” Dan says.  The staff uses Autotask software, which helps keep track of all tickets, and makes sure no ticket goes unresolved.  The goal is always to make sure all clients have had their issues resolved to their satisfaction.

A new program recently put in place at Tech Guru is called “Plus One.”  Tech Guru will hire one more person than is really needed at any given time to ensure the highest quality of customer service.  This is not someone who will simply be sitting around – the extra staff member will serve to share the current workload and free up “15% Time” for all existing employees.

Taking a cue from a program at 3M, “15% Time” is meant to give employees time to think – about how to improve processes, enhance customer service, and grow professionally.  Tech Guru staff will be able to work on matters before they become urgent, take vacation days knowing they are covered at work, and hatch and nurture their own great ideas.  Tech Guru is taking better care of employees so they, in turn, can take better care of customers.

Put “Plus One” and the Tech Guru service desk to work for your business or nonprofit!

 Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!