The Virtual CIO: What’s Missing from Your Small Business IT Package

The Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Caring IT company in Minneapolis isn’t some wizard hiding behind a curtain.  Tech Guru’s Micah Thor is a real live person, and he’s the technology advocate for your business or organization.  Find out how his role as CIO keeps your company’s tech a lean, mean, cutting-edge machine.

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Micah Thor, Tech Guru's Virtual CIO

What’s a CIO anyway?

It’s a service you’ll only find at Tech Guru, also known as the most trusted small business tech support company in Minneapolis.  The Virtual CIO is the key bridge between a business and its goals and objectives in the world of technology.  “We offer this service to 100% of our clients,” says Tech Guru founder Dan Moshe, “because it’s important that every client gets this service.”

As Virtual CIO, Micah is positioned to understand each client’s business along with the latest and greatest advances in technology, including productivity apps and new capabilities in mobile tech.  “Micah applies those technologies to the top and bottom lines for for-profit businesses, and to help further the mission of our friends in the nonprofit world,” explains Dan.

How does it work in practice?

Tech Guru initiates a face-to-face meeting every quarter with strategic people within the business of every client – usually the owner or CFO.  A specific agenda is followed to get to the root of issues and challenges, both good and bad, that clients are facing.

Micah applies Tech Guru’s mix of business and technology know-how to take these businesses and organizations where their leaders would like to see them go.  They systematically address each item within the format of a Level 10 Business Technology Planning Meeting, with each meeting hopefully rating a “10” by the end.

The Steps of the Level 10 Meeting

1. The Segue

“If we’re going to be working together, I want to get to know you a little more as a person,” says Dan.  A quick personal and professional bit of positive news is shared among those in the group.

2. The Scorecard (or Dashboard)

Micah brings reports of measurable data to help everyone better understand the health of their technology – from inventory to service desk tickets Tech Guru is working on at the moment.

3. Rock Review

The group reviews bigger initiatives set during the last meeting.  These are usually longer-term tech projects.  For example, moving a company from servers to the cloud, including all the pieces that might entail: data migration, installing software, and training.

4. To-Do List

Everyone reviews a list of tactical items (that were usually done a long time ago).

5. Issues List

“This is everything from ideas to challenges, including growth opportunities or, God forbid, layoffs,” says Dan.  “We solve those issues by assigning IT projects for the upcoming quarter, adding items to the To-Do List, and then leave some issues on the list to address next time.”  Each attendee rates the meeting at the end.

What are the results of a CIO meeting?

Various discoveries are made in a Virtual CIO meeting, helping those at the company progress towards having technology work for them.

  • Tech Guru identified an opportunity to do some software training, coming on site and working with employees to improve overall efficiency.
  • With out-of-date machines found while doing inventory, one project was to put together a quote to replace the machines.
  • Tech Guru’s telecom and copier contracts are always reviewed before a meeting, ensuring clients are getting the best rate possible.

The Virtual CIO Means Freedom

Freedom from worry, freedom from wasted time, freedom to ask questions and get answers that apply to your company alone – it’s what you get with Tech Guru’s Virtual CIO.  Someone is watching out for your technology so you don’t have to.

“I really appreciate being able to rely on you and your team to keep our computers up and running, so we can focus on what we do best,”

– Charlene Roise, historical consultant for Hess Roise


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Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!