Turning Tech Up a Notch at Minneapolis Company Audio Research

Minneapolis IT service provider Tech Guru gave Audio Research the cold, hard truth when it came to the state of the audio equipment manufacturer’s technology infrastructure.  Tech Guru CEO Dan Moshe and Audio Research CFO David Onan came up with a plan to bring tech coherence to David’s company.

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 Audio Research CFO David Onan

Turn Up the Dial

The plan of attack took place over two years in several stages.  First, data was backed up and protected.  Next, critical weaknesses such as firewall, internet connectivity, and the disaster recovery plan were addressed.  Then Audio Research moved forward replacing outdated hardware with a combination of Macs and PCs.  This required Audio Research’s engineering department to update some of the hardware they designed, because a policy was set to surrender any out-of-print or unsupported program software.

Cost-Effective and Quick

The key for Audio Research was its ability to work with Tech Guru on a fixed-fee basis.  David explains, “It’s to their advantage to make sure our system is running well.  It incentivizes everyone to make sure it’s smooth.”  The arrangement “made Tech Guru the go-to company because there’s no additional cost, and we train people to call Tech Guru anytime there’s a problem.  Tech Guru knows the landscape when we have an issue.”

Micah talks more about the Tech Guru service desk.  “Anyone at a client’s company can call Tech Guru as though we’re their own personal IT department,” he says.  “Maria answers the calls, and the service desk team is able to get the client’s problems resolved in a very efficient manner.”

Says David, “It’s rare that we experience downtime, but when we do it’s very, very minor.  We have a very strong relationship with Tech Guru.  Micah Thor and Joe Kessler are almost like our employees or part of our team.  When something comes up, they’re very quick to solve our problem.”

The Maintenance Plan

Every three weeks, Micah and David have a check-in conversation to address not only what is immediate for Audio Research, but also what’s happening over the next quarter and the next couple of quarters.  Meetings like these keep Tech Guru attuned to your company’s needs, both now and in the future.  How often do other clients meet with Tech Guru?  “Each client is different,” says Micah, “Most clients are quarterly.  Some require more tech input on their strategy.  They use tech more heavily.  Other clients range from monthly to annually.”  The conversation is always about much more than technology, Micah says.  “We talk about overall business strategy, revenue generation, sales and marketing efforts, HR, and finance.  Where there are deficiencies and room for improvements.  We talk about projects in progress and schedule upcoming projects.”

Currently, Audio Research is adding an online order web-based portal, which will be hosted within the building.  David says, “Micah works directly with our software developers and makes sure the hardware and software requirements are consistent.”  Tech Guru works with other vendors to make sure the infrastructure is able to support its operational needs.  “It’s not simply a matter of keeping computers up and running every day, but making sure our company is taking advantage of the productivity systems that Tech Guru offers.”

Working from Anywhere

The streamlined, secure, and rock-solid tech infrastructure has afforded many Audio Research employees the freedom to lead more well-rounded lives as a result of not being tied to an office desk.  David has seen the positive effect mobility has had on morale.  Employees may work from home, but they’re not slacking – he’ll often get emails from them late at night.  When children are home sick, parents can have the flexibility to be at home while doing their work.  Even David, a horse enthusiast, has found himself able to respond to a business requests while away from the office.  “Because of my iPad and iPhone, I’m able to get the job done from a remote location.”

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Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!