VIDEO! See What You Missed at the “Own Google!” Event

From all over Minneapolis, business owners, managers, and personnel logged in or showed up for Tech Guru’s Lunch Learning Series event: “Own Google! Master Gmail + Google Drive.”  Couldn’t make it?  Watch the video and find out exactly what you missed at this fun and informative lunch.

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As Good as Seeing it Live!

The video, less than 60 minutes long, allows presenter and Tech Guru CEO Dan Moshe to show you the very best of what Gmail and Google Drive have to offer.  The event brought together current users of Microsoft Outlook, Google junkies looking to pick up some new tricks, and everyone in between.  Like the event’s attendees, you’ll come away with countless skills you can put to use immediately for increased productivity.

For Best Results

Try Dan’s suggestions on your device while you watch the presentation!  You can adjust your own settings as you go, and pause the video if you need to slow down Dan’s quick-paced seminar, chock-full of terrific tips, shortcuts, and insights.  

One thing’s for sure: after seeing what Gmail and Google Drive can do for you, you’re likely to make the switch to Google if you haven’t already!  Attendee Brad Ferstan of Renovo Data Services said after the event, “I think I’m becoming a convert!  I’m starting to see how easy Gmail can be and I really like what I’m finding out about how to streamline my inbox.  I haven’t started Outlook all day!”

Register for the Next Event

Now that you know how easy it is to join in on the Lunch Learning Series from your computer, be sure to sign up for the next one!  On March 13 Dan will referee “One Lunch Only!  Dropbox vs. Google Drive.”  It’s the moment of truth as Dropbox and Google Drive face off in a side-by-side comparison.  When it comes to cloud file-sharing for your team, you will determine the winner.