Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone System

As the world continues to evolve into the age of digitization, you might want to consider bringing your antiquated phone system into the modern era. By switching from a traditional phone service to one operated over computer networks and the internet, you’ll be better positioned to meet the demands of a hybrid remote work environment and have a more automated way to track client communications, all while saving cash.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, allows you to make voice calls using broadband internet, eliminating the need for individual telephone lines. VoIP combines all of your firm’s communications into one system, enabling you to seamlessly record calls to be automatically filed into your cloud-based customer relationship management software (CRM), where you can also easily track client emails and text messages. 

Since you’re already paying for a broadband internet connection, you’re cutting out an excess business cost that’s no longer serving you to make room for a modern telecommunications system that promises increased flexibility and efficiency. 

Still unsure about VoIP? Here are a few reasons to consider migrating. 

Better Support Your Remote Workforce

When you switch to VoIP, you’re moving all phone calls into the cloud. This makes it so that employees can easily contact clients through your firm’s official phone system, no matter where they are. 

Through this broadband-centered phone system, your employees take their phone number and all their office phone’s features home with them. It’s like shrinking the cord landline collecting dust on your desk into the size of a smartphone. 

There are a few options for this type of service. You can use a VoIP desk phone, which looks like a traditional desktop phone but is actually a half-phone-half-tablet device backed by the power of the internet. Or you can use a softphone, which essentially turns an existing mobile device into a corporate phone by using an app, such as Nextiva, to mimic the functionality of your employee’s desk phone. 

VoIP helps to increase productivity among your workforce by seamlessly enabling all company calls to be conducted through the official business phone line, no matter how distributed your employees might be. Employees don’t need to be connected to the same phone line or network, which is critically important when taking into account uncertainties, such as snow storms or pandemics, that can shut the office down. 

On top of the convenience, there’s realized productivity in the form of automation. VoIP software enables call routing, auto-attendant, call recording and voicemail-to-text. All data captured can be automatically incorporated with a cloud-based CRM. In fact, VoIP was found to shave off an additional 32 minutes of work per day, according to Cisco

Save Costs By Reducing Redundancy 

Switching to a VoIP system can save your business up to 50% in monthly telecom costs, according to a survey of 1,000 small businesses by Telzio. You might have initially overlooked the ways you can save by migrating your phone system, but there’s tangible bottom-line value in using a system that runs over your existing broadband network. No longer do you need to pay for an antiquated system that only generates value when you’re physically in the office. 

In fact, one study predicts that there will be a 90% reduction in startup costs for small businesses that use VoIP, according to Startupanz. Some of this massive reduction can come from the fact that cloud phone systems are more reliable, which means there is less required maintenance and fewer calls to the help center. Companies can also save costs on international calls. 

Unify All Company Communication 

Traditional phone systems inevitably run as siloed services away from other popular mechanisms of communication, such as email and text. VoIP presents the opportunity to finally bring all your telecommunications together in one fully integrated system. 

Some of the more popular VoIP systems, including Nextiva, allow all communications to be automatically linked to a wide variety of CRMs. Now, you’re able to easily access phone records alongside text and email communications for a better snapshot of client relations directly from your central relationship management platform.

An added perk is using VoIP features directly from your desktop, such as click to call, which enables you to make VoIP calls directly from your browser by clicking on a contact in your CRM. 


There are innumerable benefits to updating your outdated phone system. We can help you better understand what these are and guide you through the migration. Contact us to find out about our complimentary technology workshop!