You’re Being Timed! Responsive IT Support in Minneapolis

In today’s business environment, responsiveness not only sets you apart from competition but is a necessity to serve your clients well.  In addition to Tech Guru’s “Three Uniques” of being invisible and furthering your company’s vision, here CEO Dan Moshe explains why the Caring IT support company in Minneapolis believes being responsive is a priority for your clients.

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The Pressure’s On.  Always.

Whatever your industry, responsiveness is essential.  Tech Guru makes a promise to be responsive to its clients, but there’s another reason so much importance is placed on serving clients with urgency and attention.

Dan Moshe elaborates, “Business owners have told us it’s a big reason they’ll make a change to another service provider.  And, let’s be honest.  It’s a pain to switch providers, but people will do it if they don’t feel their IT support company is responsive.”

In an informal poll of business decision makers on why they hired their IT company, Dan determined it usually comes down to two things: They trust the source who recommended the company, and the company is responsive.  Dan takes that to heart, and he outlines the three ways your company can be responsive.

1. Responsive to A Company’s Needs

Be responsive to your clients’ business needs.  From a strategy standpoint, Tech Guru is attentive to the issues and goals of its clients.  The company expertly assesses a company’s strengths and weaknesses “so business leaders can make high quality business decisions at the time they need to,” says Dan.  For example, when it’s been determined a company needs certain analytics to better understand their business, Tech Guru can put in the systems for a better dashboard to display numbers and information.  “What you need, when you need it; that’s how we define responsiveness,” says Dan.

2. Responsive to Users’ Support Needs

Is there a better way to solve the everyday problems that crop up for your clients?  From a user standpoint, Tech Guru responds in a timely manner to day-to-day service requests.  It’s the only option for serving businesses and the people in them.  Dan states emphatically, “During business hours, after business hours, whenever clients are working or wanting to be productive, there is someone to help them with whatever they’re stuck with.”  As an added bonus, that “someone” will possess a helpful, positive attitude.

3. Responsive to Business and Tech Trends

Offer your clients solutions before they even know they’re available.  The world changes quickly, and Tech Guru responds to the micro and macro changes to the business technology landscape.  “As the needs of your business change,” says Dan, “being truly responsive means being aware of the changes and making relevant recommendations that fully empower your team to be productive.”  Tech Guru pays attention to the way people work, and how it relates to your company or organziation.

Your clients will love you more than ever when they know you care enough to be responsive.  Get in touch with Tech Guru and see what “We are Responsive” can do for you!

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!