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A Comprehensive Modernization Solution for Your Accounting Firm

Cloud Migrations

We help firms smoothly migrate their data, applications, and other IT systems to the cloud, enabling them to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and cost-saving benefits of cloud computing.

Automated Backups and Recovery Testing

We offer backup services for critical business applications in the cloud or on-premise.

Managed Security Updates

Federal requirements dictate that you must apply updates to your systems. We automate this process, so you don't have to chase down your staff to ensure they install the latest updates.

Cyber-Security Awareness Training

By assisting your staff in practicing safe digital hygiene, we can help ensure that you aren't a part of the 60% of small businesses that go out of business because of a security breach.

Industry-Focused Strategy Sessions

By understanding the goals and challenges that your firm faces on a daily basis, we can recommend technology solutions that will allow you to scale and increase efficiency.

Ongoing Remote Services and Support

By focusing our services solely on accounting professionals, we are uniquely positioned to troubleshoot and provide guidance on a diverse ecosystem of apps you work with daily.

Microsoft 365 Optimization

By bringing certified technicians and strategic partners to the table, we can provide the peace of mind that you can meet state, province, and federal security regulations.

Standardized Hardware Procurement & Logistics

We work with you to standardize a hardware solution that meets your needs and ensure it is delivered to staff members when needed. We even help you forecast and budget for future replacements.


You know that tax season is a year-round process. It's the same with your tech planning. You need to be active before it becomes a problem, or you'll risk losing business when things get tough. We'll ask you questions about your business goals and align you with a plan that fits best for your organization. After tax season, we'll adapt and optimize your strategy to make sure that your technology works the way it should. You will feel more educated and empowered to make informed decisions about the technology that shapes your business. 


As an accounting firm, you're expected to have a handle on your security from day one. It's not just about safety, it's about your reputation as a business. We implement proactive security techniques to make sure that your files are safe and sound. That means you'll get better sleep knowing that your computers are virus-free and running optimally. Have a security concern or question? Our team of accounting security experts will be ready to assist.  


Your business runs on accounting-specific technology, and you need experts that are 100% focused on your unique needs and software. This is about more than just tech support, it's about peace of mind and knowing you're working with a team that gets you and has the answers. Get IT from Tech Guru, your team deserves it. 

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Nationwide support

We have built strong relationships with clients in every US state and Canada and are committed to delivering the highest level of service and support.

We can achieve this through our extensive network of carefully selected contractors who share our vision - providing outstanding service and being committed to delivering exceptional results. 

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    We will meet with your team, review your current tech stack, and make specific technology recommendations to help your business.

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    Implementation And Support

    You can take our recommendations and self-implement, or you can hire Tech Guru to do the heavy lifting with our proven process.

The right tools, seamlessly integrated and continuously supported, to help your firm grow.

Don't waste time explaining your needs to a generalist IT firm and risk having to do the work of implementing solutions yourself.

We understand your needs, have a deep knowledge of the accounting software you use to run your business and understand how different tools impact your workflows.

Our Accounting Technology Transformation Process is a streamlined IT approach tailored to accounting firms' needs.

"We are proud to partner with Tech Guru. They align with our vision for the Modern Firm."

Darren Root

CEO, Rootworks

"Tech Guru has been our trusted technology partner for over a decade. They continue to provide expertise and return on investment as our industry and technology evolves."

Linda Haller

Partner, Axtell Haller & Slachta, LLC

About Tech Guru

We have been providing IT support since 2002, solving technology challenges for hundreds of businesses like yours. We are the accounting firm focused technology support, technology strategy & technology security partner.

Whether you need help deciding on new technology investments or support with your current tech, we can help you run your business more efficiently by improving your technology.

We give you peace of mind in knowing your tech is secure, supported, and fully utilized so that you can spend your time working to grow your firm.

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